Tiny Homes of Colorado

    There has been a new housing movement in the last few years that many native Coloradoans and quite a few imports are taking advantage of. An innovative home style that is green, mobile, and fantastic for a small family or couple. No, I’m not talking about the single-wides that grow in their own fenced-in parks. This novel design is compact and often doesn’t even require a zoning permit. What are these tiny homes?

    Tiny Diamond HomesTiny Houses

    Miniscule versions of houses that might be found in Englewood are cropping up in areas all over Colorado. Cheap and portable, these Tiny Houses range in size from 75 – 500 square feet, use green solutions for waste, and have brought together large communities of like-minded people. Are you interested yet? If not, here are 4 important things to know about owning a Tiny House in Colorado.

    Where Can I Place my Tiny Home in Colorado?

    Although Walsenburg was the first to make ordinance changes to allow for Tiny Houses, many other towns and municipalities are not far behind. Some activists in Denver have even proposed Tiny Houses as a solution for the rapidly increasing homeless population. Unfortunately, due to space and health considerations, Denver legislation is not able to follow in Walsenburg’s footsteps quite yet.

    For most of the state, zoning for Tiny Houses is a sticky issue. Most counties either classify a Tiny House as a shed, wherein permits and zoning approval may be required, or as a form of camping and not allowed on land that does not already have a larger existing structure. It is possible, however to find communities of people who have come together to purchase large tracts of land for the sole purpose of installing these diminutive domiciles.

    Finding Utilities for My Tiny Home

    When the subject of utilities arises for Tiny Houses, most owners turn toward RV design. Water tanks for potable water are usually part of the construction and topped off from off-site sources. On the…ahem…other side of things, compost toilets are the favorite for solid waste. A layer of sawdust or lye after use and the unit eventually creates usable soil for gardens and crops. For grey water, it is customary to use RV waste disposal sites or hookups. Electricity is usually brought in from an already existing structure.

    Tiny Homes of Colorado 2Finding the Right Tiny Home Design

    The diversity of design in Tiny Houses is just as wide as conventional homes and it can be as difficult to find a pre-existing Tiny House to fit your desires and needs. Fortunately, there are a growing number of sites that buy and sell these undersized accommodations. A Google search will bring up almost nine million search results, so don’t worry about finding a home that will fit your personality and needs.

    Are There Builders Who Can Make My Specific Tiny Home?

    If you want to design your own Tiny House, there a number of builders here in Colorado that will help you create your perfect home. They specialize in finding out what you are looking for in your picayune place and will build it to your specifications. The price depends on the complexity of your floorplan and amenities. Most Tiny Home builders will even deliver it right to your location and install the hook-ups for you.

    Tiny Homes of Colorado

    Tiny Houses, and their owners, are a growing population in Colorado. The mobility, simplicity, and low upkeep costs are becoming more and more attractive in a state that prides itself on being sensible and active. The eco-friendly solutions also appeal to many here in the Columbine state. They use very little land, leave a very little footprint, and don’t leave very little in your wallet. Maybe it’s time to look a little closer at a Tiny House of your very own.

    When you want a realtor who will make you their number one priority, it’s time to contact me to set up an initial consultation. Feel free to call True Performance Real Estate today and any questions you might have about buying your Tiny home!

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      Want to know where in denver area we can have these houses how much does it cost. Etc

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        We would love to help you find your perfect Colorado Tiny Home! Tasha Boser is our True Performance Real Estate Tiny Homes Expert and can be reached at 303-912-3844.


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