Preparing Your Yard For Spring: Do’s & Don’ts

    It’s that time of year again. The grass is starting to become verdant and lush. The odor of lilac wafts through the air. Temperatures are rising and the snowshovels are being moved to the back of the garage. The signs of spring are upon us and you’ve got some work to do; especially in your yard. If you are new to Colorado or to owning a home with a yard, you may not be familiar with some of the items to check as you don your groundskeeper hat. Mowing and breaking out the patio furniture may seem obvious, but there are a few other little chores to do and mistakes to avoid to ensure that your lot looks loved. Learn some tips about Preparing Your Yard For Spring…

    Preparing Your Yard For Spring Do’s:

    Spring Cleaning- Before you breakout the lawnmower and weed whacker for the first time, talk a walk around your yard with a rake and bucket or wheelbarrow. The fall and winter probably knocked down leaves, small twigs, and other debris that will damage your power tools as well as puncture those bare feet that will be running around soon.


    Grass in Colorado must survive brutal summer heat and occasional drought. To do so, it will grow deep extensive root systems that can often make it difficult for rain water and snowmelt to penetrate. In the years where lawn watering is rationed, your grass will not get enough H20 to stay green. The best way to combat this is with lawn aeration. Although it looks like 5 packs of dogs have used your lawn for a dumping ground (forgive the pun), aerating your yard once a year gives it the best chance to absorb the maximum amount of water to store for the summer. 2-3 inch holes are usually recommended by most landscaping companies. Aerating also allows other nutrients to seep into the soil like…


    Spring is when grass and flowers are working their hardest to grow and flower. They need all the help they can get. This is the ideal time to stop at your local DIY or gardening store and pick up a bag of fertilizer. Ask an associate for the best mix for Colorado conditions and soil.

    Laying Sod

    Are there a few bare patches in your lawn? Are you wanting to start over with new grass? Then now is the perfect time to lay some new sod down. This is where your garden center can help again. Too often, people spread new seed or lay sections of sod that are not the same type of grass as your lawn. This can leave your yard looking unkempt.

    Ask about the best way to lay sod on your property. Too many people make the same mistakes of putting sod on existing lawn, where there is a thatch layer, or on heavily compacted soil. Research here will save money and time later.

    Mulching Beds

    After a year of decomposition, your mulch beds need to be replaced. Before you spread new mulch however, it is best to use a pitchfork, rake, or garden weasel to turn the old mulch over and let air, water, and nutrients seep down to the root system. After about a week, you can either replace the old mulch or spread a layer of fresh mulch. Ask your garden store professional about which is best for each bed since various plants need different approaches.

    Preparing Your Yard For Spring Don’ts:

    Trimming Back

    This far into the season is not a great tie to prune. Late winter or from mid-February to late March is the ideal time for cutting back your plants while they are still dormant. Trimming branches and limbs while the tree is trying to push itself farther outward tends to stunt its growth either for the year or permanently.


    In sunny climes such as southern California or Florida, people have already planted their flowerbeds. Here in fickle weathered Colorado, it is usually wise to wait until after Mother’s Day since heavy snows are still a definite possibility. Hold off a while longer and you will keep your flowers from freezing.

    As you can see, spring lawn maintenance doesn’t involve very much, but does yield great benefits. By sticking to these Do’s and Don’ts, you’ll have a yard that looks fantastic and will be a great place for your friends and family to enjoy. Just be sure to clean up after the dog.

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