How to Protect Your Home From Wildfire

    Find out how to fortify your property and protect yourself during wildfires

    This time of year, wind-driven wildfires can break out where abundant grasses and brush have baked dry after the long, hot summer, often igniting homes that border wildlands. Such fire events predominate in the western U.S., but wildfires can be a threat to many residential areas that are close to open spaces with an excess of dry vegetation. Residents of these areas should consider their homes potential fuel sources for wildfire and take appropriate measures to protect their property.

    There are generally three ways wildfire can ignite a home: direct contact with flames, via radiant heat, and from embers that travel for miles, according to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety. Here are some ways to fortify your property against wildfire and make your home more resistant if it does catch fire, as well as what to do if a wildfire is threatening.

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    Sara Line Frisk, Denver Realtor

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