Colorado Golf Course Real Estate

    Colorado Golf Course Real Estate

    When most folks think of Colorado, they picture a day in the mountains with poles in their hands and boards strapped to their feet. Not as many people conjure an image of cut green grass, flexible tee times, and sand traps. Yet with over 300 courses, 18 of which can be found within a 30 miles radius of Denver itself, Colorado is one of the top golfing states in the country. According to Golf Magazine’s rating system, the Columbine State ranks at number 10! With such a fantastic following, housing developers have seen the wisdom of building near the Nineteenth Hole. For the avid golfer, these developments are the perfect place to call home. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, here are a few things to know about COLORADO GOLF COURSE REAL ESTATE.

    Golf Course Properties Provide a Professionally Landscaped Back Yard

    Do you like having your own manicured back yard? For the course resident, this is a huge plus! Unless snow is piled high, course maintenance crews are out on the greens keeping the grass cut and weed free and it’s free for your enjoyment. You won’t have to look at tall overgrown grass or dead branches during the summer and autumn months.

    No Backdoor Neighbors

    Another benefit of backing up to a golf course is the lack of backdoor neighbors. Unless someone really fumbles their follow-through, most golfers have the respect to keep to the course and give houses a wide berth. While this gives you privacy and peace during the day without having to endure the occasional toddler birthday screamfest, you may find it necessary to have a handy bucket to collect stray balls from Wild Thing wannabes.

    Immerse Yourself in a Golf Course Community

    Sadly, this is not the only way some guests tend to emulate John Daly. Most golfers like to cart an alcoholic beverage or two with them through the links, but a few drag a cart full of their favorite brew along. This usually leads to a rowdy bunch swinging away like Happy Gilmore, but they are rare enough and tend to move quickly from hole to hole. Thankfully, when the course closes in the evening, the only people you may see are part of the grounds crew and also pass through with speed. This gives most course residents a feeling of welcome solitude and sanctity once the sun goes down.

    However, when you are feeling ready to converse and socialize, you can be guaranteed to have something to chat with your neighbors about since they probably moved in for the same reasons you did. From gossip about the girl in the pro-shop to who has the better massage therapist for a sore low back, just about everybody that lives within a course community has similar interests making them a close-knit and supportive group.

    Colorado Golf Course Living

    Living near a golf course means that you will probably have to share the road with the local commuter vehicles; golf carts.  Although most residents who own their own cart are conscientious about their driving, course guests are often…not. This means that you will need to be more observant while in your road vehicle so as not to clip an out-of-towner in their Club-Car.

    Life on the links in Colorado can have more than a few perks and usually only a couple of disadvantages. You may have to endure slightly elevated insurance costs, but homes that border a popular course will definitely boost a higher value than those just a few blocks away… especially in Colorado.

    When you want a realtor who will make you their number one priority, it’s time to contact me to set up an initial consultation. Feel free to call True Performance Real Estate today and any questions you might have about buying your Colorado golf course dream home!

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