4 Reasons to Use an Agent for a New Built Home

    Many home buyers assume that when they purchase a newly built home, whether they are the first owners or the home is still under construction, a Real Estate Agent is not necessary. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. An Agent is essential for new built homes, no matter what stage of construction they are under. Here are the Top 4 Reasons to use an Agent for a New Build Home.

    An In Depth Knowledge of Colorado Real Estate Trends

    Agents are aware of the market trends and have become adept at predicting what construction upgrades will hold the best value in the years to come. For someone looking to buy a brand new home, an educated Agent will be of enormous value. They will be able to point out features of the home that will not only be beneficial to the new buyer, but what will keep the home desirable for the next owner. The buyer designing a home for construction will find an Agent useful for the same reasons. The Agent will be able to advise the buyer and construction designer alike as to what will give the home lasting value.

    Knowing the Right Neighborhood to Build Your New Home

    An Agent with experience in the area will be able to advise a buyer on the favorability of one neighborhood over another. Most builders have multiple sites under construction at any one time. The Agent will know those sites and, after discerning the needs of the buyer, give the best recommendation for location. For the new-home buyer, they may find a house style that they like in two locations. At that point, the Agent can highlight the pros and cons of both sites to help the buyer make their decision. For the buyer with a house under design, the Agent, also after finding the buyer’s needs, can advise the buyer on foundation sites and area value trends before the first spade of dirt is moved.

    Help with Your Home Inspection

    An experienced agent will suggest that the buyer have another inspector look over the home. This inspector, however, will be looking at a different list than the building inspector. The Agent will create a detailed “punch list”, a list of small items that may need touching up or repair (dents in drywall, divots on the wood of the cabinets, paint smudges, etc.) before the new owner takes possession of the house. These are usually small damages caused by the final stages of construction, but are not covered under warranty after purchase. The Agent will walk through the home with an eye towards these blemishes for the owner and give the list to the construction company before the final walk-through.

    Knowledge of Local Builders

    An Agent who has been working in the area for some time will know the reputable builders in the area. For both the new build and under design buyers, this is invaluable! No one wants to spend a small fortune on a brand new home only to find that the work was shoddy and sub-par. An Agent with local knowledge will direct the buyer to a builder who will give them the best value and satisfaction for their money.

    So many home buyers think that a Real Estate Agent is only for buying a pre-owned home. Quite the contrary, an Agent is not only necessary, but almost indispensable. Their knowledge of the local economy, market trends, and builder options as well as their experience with inspecting homes provide an edge that no home buyer, new, design, or pre-owned should be without.

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